Surgical treatment of a femoral neck stress fracture without endocrinal comorbidity in an amateur sportswoman

  • Nikica Darabos
  • Ivan Vlahovic
Keywords: stress fracture, femoral neck, MRI, osteosynthesis, cannulated screws


Stress fractures are not frequent injuries and mostly soldiers and sports people faced with severe physical exertion suffer from this kind of pathology. Most patients with femoral neck stress fracture are 18−35 years of age and often suffer from a certain endocrinal comorbidity. The clinical status of this pathology is often not followed by positive x-ray signs of fracture. MRI is an imperative in diagnostics of this pathology. These fractures are treated according to type of fracture – compression fracture is treated conservatively and tension fracture operatively. In our report we present a case of a 35-year-old roller skating amateur sportswoman who suffered from unrecognized symptoms of femoral neck stress fracture over six months. There was no sign of pathology according to the repeated clinical exams, x-rays of the painful hip, endocrinal and densitometry tests. Finally, MRI diagnostics detected a remarkable femoral neck tension stress fracture which was an indication for urgent operative treatment. The patient's recovery after the minimally invasive osteosynthesis with cannulated screws was very fast. Her treatment was finished after nine postoperative months with a regular clinical status and full sports activity. In case of undefined recurrent pain in the inguinal region, despite a regular x-ray of the hip, endocrinal lab tests and densitometry results, it is imperative to perform an MRI of the painful hip because of suspicious femoral neck stress fracture. The described approach to this pathologic problem will lead to the best results of therapy and avoid far-reaching consequences of treating complications of such a fracture caused by a mistake.


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