Orbital cavernous hemangioma

  • Rade Skarica
  • Boris Zdilar
  • Domagoj Rasic
  • Mladen Harapin
  • Tatjana Andabaka
  • Jurica Fuduric
  • Zvonko Zadro
  • Miran Martinac
  • Ana Sostaric Zadro
  • Mario Kordic
Keywords: vascular orbital lesion, cavernous hemangioma, orbitectomy


The aim of this case report was to present a patient with a benign orbital tumor, cavernous hemangioma, who presented with symptoms of compressive orbital mass: unilateral axial proptosis, with motility restriction and sudden vision loss in the left eye. Ophthalmologic examination (visual acuity, applanation tonometry, Goldmann tonometer, visual field) and radiologic examination diagnosed a benign, well circumscribed, vascular, intraconal tumor that compresses the optic nerve. Treatment was operative: lateral orbitectomy Krönlein procedure and the tumor was removed. Pathologic and pathohistologic examination confirmed the previous diagnosis. Follow up examination, visual field and MRI of the orbit showed considerable improvement. Surgical treatment was also the final treatment and no adjuvant therapy was necessary. Prognosis for visual acuity and life is excellent.


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