Bleeding Meckel's diverticle - laparoscopic approach

  • Igor Cerni
  • Brane Breznikar
  • Matej Stante
Keywords: Meckel's diverticle, bleedings, laparoscopic resection


Meckel's diverticle is the most common anomaly of the small intestine. It was named after Johann Friedrich Meckel in 1809, who explained its embryonic development. The frequency of its occurrence is approximately 2%. It usually lies on the anti-mesenteric side of the ileum and can be 0.5−56 cm long. It is distinguished from other diverticles by the fact that it has all layers of intestinal wall and its own circulation. It can have heterosoluble tissue, most frequently gastric mucosa (62%), more rarely the mucosa of the pancreas (6%) or the duodenum. It is three to four times more common in men than in women. The most frequent complications are bleedings, intestinal obstruction or diverticulitis. This article presents a case of a 20-year old patient, who had an urgent laparoscopic resection of the small intestine with diverticle and intraabdominal stapler anastomosis.


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