Bouveret syndrome with double fistula - Case report

  • Ivica Stojanovic
  • Mario Wokaunn
  • Diego Carlos Varela
  • Ilija Sosa
  • Luko Dalmatin
  • Marko Margaritoni
Keywords: ileus, Bouveret's syndrome, biliodigestive fistula


In the study we have shown an example of an elderly woman who was admitted to the ER suffering from constant vomiting and accompanying melena. Due to the clinical symptoms of high gallstone ileus and a short preoperative procedure the patient was submitted to an urgent surgery during which we found two concretions, one of which was in the duodenum and was the cause of ileus. In literature such cases are described as Bouveret's syndrome and it is a rare case of ileus. Additionally as a concurrent medical report we also had Mirizzi's syndrome. We proceeded with the surgery and finalized it as described. The patient successfully underwent the surgery. The postoperative progress NAD. The patient was discharged in a generally good condition. In conclusion, we state that in the case of elderly people with signs of high ileus Bouvert's syndrome must be taken into consideration and in most cases considering old age one should try to deal with ileus by removing a concretion using endoscopic procedure. If that is impossible then a traditional surgery is required.


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Stojanovic I, Wokaunn M, Varela DC, Sosa I, Dalmatin L, Margaritoni M. Bouveret syndrome with double fistula - Case report. Acta Chir. Croat. [Internet]. 2008May1 [cited 2021Dec.7];5(1):27-9. Available from:
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