Our approach to treatment of joint femoral fractures

  • Niksa Kojic
  • Jakisa Lojpur
  • Marijo Bekic
  • Robert Selmani
  • Pero Celina
  • Marko Margaritoni
Keywords: femoral fracture, ETC, DCO


Considering the progress of modern surgical technique and appearance of new implants, various possibilities of treatment of these injuries appear. The aim is to use a simple and cost-effective operative technique to achieve recovery and early return of extremities function and the patient. Unadvised usage of ETC protocol for high energy monotrauma can lead to deadly complications. Politrauma and high energy trauma, by effecting the extremity with a devastating impact on the extremity and organism as a whole, demand the adaptation of ETC protocol to the situation at hand.


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Kojic N, Lojpur J, Bekic M, Selmani R, Celina P, Margaritoni M. Our approach to treatment of joint femoral fractures. Acta Chir. Croat. [Internet]. 2008May1 [cited 2021Dec.7];5(1):36-2. Available from: https://acc.hkd.com.hr/index.php/ACC/article/view/33

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