Hernias, aortic surgery and review of the literature on incisional hernias

  • Frederick Anthony Farrugia
  • Nikolaos Zavras
  • Panagiotis Tzanetis
  • Georgios Martikos
  • Dimitrios Sotiropoulos
  • Nikolaos Koliakos
Keywords: incisional hernia, aortic surgery, recommendations, abdominal wound suture, prevention of incisional hernias


Objectives: To study the relation of incisional hernias after abdominal aortic surgery and to study the recommendations for prevention of incisional hernias in general.

Methods: An extensive search in Pub-Med was conducted. We used the following MeSH terms; abdominal aortic aneurysm; incisional hernia; inguinal hernia; incisional hernia and radiology, abdominal wound closure, we also did a “snow-falling” search with the above terms.

Results: Still today there is not unanimity concerning the relation of aortic or aortoiliac pathology and incisional or inguinal hernias although the majority of studies suggest that there is a possible increase in the prevalence of incisional hernias after aortic surgery.

Conclusions: In order to lessen the possibilities of incisional hernias suture length to wound length ration should be more that 4:1. Sutures should be tied without excessive tension and to use either a slowly absorbable or nonabsorbable suture material. Use a suture USP 2/0 mounted on a small needle. Place stitches in the aponeurosis only and 5 to 8mm from the wound edge and 4 to 5 mm apart.

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Farrugia FA, Zavras N, Tzanetis P, Martikos G, Sotiropoulos D, Koliakos N. Hernias, aortic surgery and review of the literature on incisional hernias. ACC [Internet]. 2016Dec.1 [cited 2019Oct.23];13(1):29-7. Available from: https://acc.hkd.com.hr/index.php/ACC/article/view/6