Pulmonary carcinoids and surgical treatment

  • Ante Petricevic
  • Nenad Ilic
  • Josip Banovic
  • Josko Juricic
  • Miroslav Ercegovic
  • Marijan Situm
  • Slavica Cvitanovic
  • Sonja Tanfara
Keywords: pulmonary carcinoid, surgical treatment


Aim: To analyze surgical options and our experience in pulmonary carcinoid treatment. Methods: Pulmonary carcinoids are usually divided in typical and atypical ones. 17 patients data (15 with typical and 2 with atypical carcinoid), were retrospectively analyzed for the 1984−2000 year period. Results: Lobectomy and mediastinal lymphadenectomy is a cornerstone of the pulmonary carcinoid surgical treatment. Resections of smaller extent are possible only in the cases of very small tumors. 10 years survival rate of the patients with typical carcinoids is 90%, because only 5% of the typical carcinoids can metastase. Conclusion: Pulmonary resection is the best treatment modality for the patients with pulmonary carcinoid. Additional chemotherapy for the atypical carcinoids is mandatory.


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Petricevic A, Ilic N, Banovic J, Juricic J, Ercegovic M, Situm M, Cvitanovic S, Tanfara S. Pulmonary carcinoids and surgical treatment. Acta Chir. Croat. [Internet]. 2006Dec.1 [cited 2023Mar.30];3(1):17-0. Available from: https://acc.hkd.com.hr/index.php/ACC/article/view/66

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