Double schwannomas of the ulnar nerve: case report

  • Filip Mustac School of Medicine University of Zagreb, The Croatian Institute of Emergency Medicine, Zagreb County, Croatia
  • Mia Poturica Community Health Center Zagreb-West
  • Kresimir Bulic School of Medicine University of Zagreb, University Hospital Centre Zagreb
Keywords: schwannoma, magnetic resonance imaging, ulnar nerve


Background: Schwannomas are benign peripheral nerve sheath tumors, mainly solitary, well defined and with low incidence of malignant transformation. The incidence of schwannomas in hand tumors is 5%. Schwannomas are initially asymptomatic, but later due to their growth they can compress surrounding tissue and cause pain.

Case study: We present a case of a 68-year-old patient with a double schwannoma of the right ulnar nerve. The MRI showed a soft tissue mass which was suspected to be a schwannoma and the diagnosis was confirmed by pathohistology. Enucleation of both tumors with nerve preservation was performed and the patient is without any postoperative neurological deficit.

Conclusion: Intra-capsular enucleation with nerve preservation is a treatment option which may significantly lower postoperative nerve damage with an acceptable risk of local recurrence.


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