Gastrointestinal tuberculosis - Case report

  • Darko Koscak
  • Josip Lovric
  • Kristina Koscak
Keywords: gastrointestinal tuberculosis − surgery; gastrointestinal tuberculossis − diagnosis; gastrointestinal tuberculosis − complications


Isolated TB of gastrointestinal tract is very rare disease. Its most common localisation is in ileocecal region. The object of surgical therapy is intraperitoneal tuberculosis (IPTB) which leads to complications such as bowel obstruction, perforation, fistulation and bleeding. Gastrointestinal tuberculosis can mimic symptoms known in Crohns disease and ileocecal cancer, so often only patohistolocigal finding can give final diagnose. A female patient, 35 years old, has been admitted to surgical ward with clinical and radiological signs of ileus. From personal medical history as well as previous medical documentation we learned that the patient was treated for lung and larynx tuberculosis at Jordanovac clinic in Zagreb in 1995. After preoperative preparation, the patient has been operated on and during surgery we found numerous stenoses in region of terminal ileum and caecum. Due to patient's general bad condition, surgical treatment has been made in two acts. In first we established an LL ileotransversoanastomosis and in second we made resection. Diagnosis has been confirmed with pathohistological finding. Early postoperative period had no complications and after surgical treatment, the patient has been send to special hospital for pulmonary diseases Klenovnik. Follow up after 18 months from surgery showed no sign of involvement of gastrointestinal tract.


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